Two Reasons Why NFTs Are A Great Fit For Photographers

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Writing by:
Khalid Mouhaddab
July 7, 2022
If 2021 was the year NFTs hit the mainstream, 2022 will be a year of further exploration - especially in photography. NFTs are becoming more popular as a medium for art and expression. Even traditional artists are beginning to experiment with NFTs; for example, famed photographer Cindy Sherman is now known to incorporate NFTs into her work. Now that the technology is available, we believe it's time for photographers to also experiment with how they can use NFTs to enhance their own work. In the art world, we can think of non-fungible tokens as certificates of authenticity for digital files such as photos, 3D images, videos and more. While most jpegs can still be copied endlessly, blockchain technology offers away to assign verifiable ownership to digital art. Here are some ways photographers can use NFTs.
1. New Source of Income
NFTs are essentially tokens that represent a piece of content. When someone buys an NFT, they are purchasing a token that represents the content itself. If they decide to resell the token on the secondary market, the artist automatically receive a percentage of that sale in perpetuity. These days, many photographers use both virtual and physical media. The beauty of NFTs lies in their ability to create scarcity and provide verifiable ownership. Photographers can create NFTs as one-of-a-kind NFTs or sell multiple editions of a single photograph.
2. Community Building
NFTs are ideal for artists who want to build a community around their work. By creating limited editions of their artwork, artists can give Collectors the opportunity to own a part of their story and build an exciting relationship with their fans.
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